Immutable Dev Environment

Writing Is Hard

getting started with Hyper-V

my coffee setup

isolating linux environments

back to debian

pressure cooker lamb roast

a new beginning

the astonishing review

new challenge ahead

QCon Rio 2014 - JVM inception

My Pull-Request Workflow!

Broccoli Wrap-Up!

Broccoli Tastes Good!

Broccoli is good for you!

AgileVale 2013 - open source?

QConSP 2013

the release

let's build a game!

AeroGear 1.0.0.M5 released

aerogear controller 1.0.0.Alpha is out!

backing mobile web apps with java?

new jitescript release is out!

better presentations on the web

jsconf.eu 2011

devinsampa 2011 - the geekiest conference ever!

speeding up maven execution

new site layout, again

migrating jruby wiki - the history

ambiente de desenvolvimento em 6 itens

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eclipse + vim = eclim #ftw

sql ou não, eis a questão

vá de bike

da teoria à prática - levenshtein

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operações de carga com ruby

remove trailing whitespace in vim

DSLs externas

pareando remotamente com tmux

batch - escalando um sistema sem fermento


new layout new life

canivete released

Pareando Remotamente

food for thought

new blog engine

gitosis setup step-by-step