AeroGear 1.0.0.M5 released

We’ve just released the next milestone of AeroGear, 1.0.0.M5. In this release we’ve landed several features, and a bunch of new stuff:

next steps

Wondering what we’re planning to the next releases? Take a look at our roadmap.

call for arms

Aerogear is open source, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about mobile development with JBoss technologies. We’d appreciate your feedback! If you’ve got mobile or HTML5 requirements and you’re wondering how to move forward post to our mailing list, or stop by #aerogear @ irc.freenode.net.

release notes

AeroGear - version 1.0.0.M5



  • [AEROGEAR-273] - Add Cordova sync instructions to release process in collateral
  • [AEROGEAR-339] - Updgrade Cordova to 2.0 in Kitchensink-Cordova and Toy Store
  • [AEROGEAR-359] - Removing tags or projects should update associated tasks
  • [AEROGEAR-360] - Fix date format for tasks
  • [AEROGEAR-361] - POST responses are not valid JSON
  • [AEROGEAR-366] - REST end-points need to support DELETE and PUT
  • [AEROGEAR-376] - Dates should be 0 padded
  • [AEROGEAR-377] - Remove /rest from the todo app endpoints

Feature Request

  • [AEROGEAR-288] - Replace RHQPocket video with a newer one
  • [AEROGEAR-347] - Create a new static mobile site for AeroGear


  • [AEROGEAR-198] - Create an example that show's a shopping cart workflow with buyers, and approval's
  • [AEROGEAR-252] - as-* quickstart/archetype throw persistence exceptions after arquilian tests executed on same server
  • [AEROGEAR-278] - Update on wiki POH5 term and replace them by HTML5+REST
  • [AEROGEAR-280] - Update magnolia site to replace the term POH5 with HTML5+REST
  • [AEROGEAR-281] - Create a requirements spec for a JS persistence library
  • [AEROGEAR-289] - Provide requirements and api doc for authorization
  • [AEROGEAR-318] - Migrate wiki content to new docs repo
  • [AEROGEAR-363] - mailing list migration
  • [AEROGEAR-364] - create a nabble forum for the aerogear-dev mailing list
  • [AEROGEAR-367] - Create a JSON provider to format content data as expected by the client side
  • [AEROGEAR-368] - Use referential integrity between tables
  • [AEROGEAR-370] - add front matter to the guides
  • [AEROGEAR-371] - fix wiki mailing list address
  • [AEROGEAR-372] - Integrate the TODO app with picketbox-deltaspike in a separated branch
  • [AEROGEAR-378] - Deploy the TODO app server to openshift
  • [AEROGEAR-382] - change mailing list reply-to-list
  • [AEROGEAR-386] - Pluralize the RESTful urls on todo-server
  • [AEROGEAR-390] - Create a maven profile to deploy todo-www and todo-server on JBoss
  • [AEROGEAR-393] - AeroGear 1.0.0.M5 Release


  • [AEROGEAR-279] - Update the POH5 URL on archetypes and quickstarts
  • [AEROGEAR-282] - Update the live demo version to use the latest quickstart, not mentioning POH5
  • [AEROGEAR-290] - Server side REST interfaces definition with authentication endpoints
  • [AEROGEAR-291] - Create a requirements spec for a JS authentication library
  • [AEROGEAR-293] - Fork the JBoss Toy Store from JDF into AeroGear for updates, maintence
  • [AEROGEAR-294] - Update Toy Store app with unit tests, and comments from demo state
  • [AEROGEAR-295] - Create/move the toy store cordova repo to AeroGear
  • [AEROGEAR-297] - JavaScript persistence library
  • [AEROGEAR-303] - Publish release blog
  • [AEROGEAR-305] - security API - DSL secured route support (role-based)
  • [AEROGEAR-319] - GetStartedWithHTML5MobileWebDevelopmentWithJBoss
  • [AEROGEAR-320] - ConvertingAnAeroGearHTML5RESTWebAppToAHybridAppWithApacheCordova
  • [AEROGEAR-321] - HTML5RESTApplications
  • [AEROGEAR-322] - HTML5MobileQuickstartArchetypeDeepDive
  • [AEROGEAR-323] - DeployingHTML5ApplicationsToOpenshift
  • [AEROGEAR-324] - GetStartedWithHybridApplicationFrameworks
  • [AEROGEAR-325] - AeroGearJiraUsageAndGuidelines
  • [AEROGEAR-328] - AeroGearGitHubWorkflowInstructions
  • [AEROGEAR-329] - ContributingToAeroGear
  • [AEROGEAR-330] - HowToHandleAeroGearPullRequests
  • [AEROGEAR-331] - AeroGearLicensingAndCopyright
  • [AEROGEAR-332] - AeroGearBasedExamplesBrowserSupportTargets
  • [AEROGEAR-333] - Create a landing page README for the guides for people accessing it in github.
  • [AEROGEAR-335] - Create basic structure in the doc repo, and populate with a rough placeholder.
  • [AEROGEAR-345] - Modify the openshift application name "poh5-aerogear" to "html5-aerogear"
  • [AEROGEAR-346] - Create a "document home" asciidoc page to be used in the new site as a central place for doc links.
  • [AEROGEAR-349] - Check all links on all pages, guides, etc.
  • [AEROGEAR-350] - Missing Code Blocks / Highlighting
  • [AEROGEAR-351] - Check all headings to use heading markup (=) and not (.)
  • [AEROGEAR-352] - Fix broken images
  • [AEROGEAR-354] - Source page listing links to all of our repos
  • [AEROGEAR-355] - Decide what to do with "Get the Gear" link
  • [AEROGEAR-394] - Release and tag 1.0.0.M5 quickstarts
  • [AEROGEAR-395] - Release, tag, and deploy as-archetype to JBoss repos
  • [AEROGEAR-396] - Verify archetype deployment to maven central
  • [AEROGEAR-397] - Update JBoss Central with AeroGear archetype from the M5 release
  • [AEROGEAR-398] - Work with /jboss-as team to get quickstart merged into jboss-as /quickstarts
  • [AEROGEAR-399] - Review wiki pages and update as needed
  • [AEROGEAR-400] - Update Openshift with latest version of the quickstart
  • [AEROGEAR-401] - Prep updates to the project site for the release
  • [AEROGEAR-402] - Publish updates to project site
  • [AEROGEAR-403] - Publish release blog

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