Writing Is Hard

Writing is Hard.


It’s the most underrated skill ever. Something that I consider highly desirable, yet so hard to attain!

Technical writers are the bassists of the software world.

People don’t give them the due credit, and yet it’s super easy to realize something is missing as soon as someone pulls the plug on them. Suddenly things aren’t sounding nice as they were supposed to sound.

My eternal struggle is to be able to achieve consistency in writing, and here I am again fiddling with my blog tooling…

Wordpress, Enki, Jekyll, Enki, Ghost, Homemade with sinatra, Jekyll, Limonite, Hugo, Wordpress, and finally Hugo.

Sure, it’s clear as crystal that we have a tool problem here. Sigh

There is no perfect blog tool, but all of them will be useless if I don’t actually write anything using them.