my coffee setup

Before moving to the US, I’ve passed all my coffee gear to a very dear friend. After some research, I’ve settled on:

coffee gear

  • Kalita Wave is my new dripper - While I still love my Hario V60, the Kalita is way more forgiving and yields me better extraction overall.
  • Bonavita Stovetop Kettle helps me to do a slow but steady stream - I kinda regret not getting an electric kettle, but I’m happy with it
  • Porlex Stainless Steel Grinder for getting a decent grind without going bankrupt with a bigger electric ceramic conical burr grinder.
  • IKEA electronic scale for weighing
  • Cheapo instant-read ultra lazy thermometer (this thing takes almost 20s to settle on a temperature)


When I was living in Brooklyn, I gave preference to Conterculture’s coffee, which I’ve had easy access near the office; After moving to Philadelphia, I was still buying their blends (somewhat easy to find at supermarkets), but I knew I wanted a coffee subscription. A coworker pointed me to Four Barrel’s Single Origin, and a few days afterwards, this beauty came on the mail:


My golden ratio for a single cup of coffee goes like this

  • 17g of beans, a little bit coarser grind
  • water at 93ºC
  • do degassing with 60g of water, let it bloom for 25s
  • start pouring from the center to the edges in spiral movements
  • wash the edges, forcing the grounds to go down
  • stop at 204g total weight

That’s all, hope this is useful!