Immutable Dev Environment

…of course that SSD would fail under me and wreck my install!

Thankfully I was really disciplined and was carefully keeping my dotfiles repository up-to-date. Coming back to the state I was before that disaster happened should be easy, right?

Writing Is Hard

Writing is Hard.


It’s the most underrated skill ever. Something that I consider highly desirable, yet so hard to attain!

getting started with Hyper-V

Don’t get me wrong, I love Linux. It’s the perfect environment for development. The problem is having to deal with hardware support on bleeding-edge hardware. When Apple decides to release a MacBook 13” with 32GB of RAM and a decent GPU, without leaving you bankrupt, I might reconsider it, but for now, I feel like it’s not worth it. I’ve got tired. Then Microsoft started investing heavily on open-source, started doing a lot of right things (and a lot of wrongs too, but let’s hold it for now).

my coffee setup

Before moving to the US, I’ve passed all my coffee gear to a very dear friend. After some research, I’ve settled on: coffee gear Kalita Wave is my new dripper - While I still love my Hario V60, the Kalita is way more forgiving and yields me better extraction overall. Bonavita Stovetop Kettle helps me to do a slow but steady stream - I kinda regret not getting an electric kettle, but I’m happy with it Porlex Stainless Steel Grinder for getting a decent grind without going bankrupt with a bigger electric ceramic conical burr grinder.