Immutable Dev Environment

…of course that SSD would fail under me and wreck my install!

Thankfully I was really disciplined and was carefully keeping my dotfiles repository up-to-date. Coming back to the state I was before that disaster happened should be easy, right?

Writing Is Hard

Writing is Hard.


It’s the most underrated skill ever. Something that I consider highly desirable, yet so hard to attain!

getting started with Hyper-V

Don’t get me wrong, I love Linux. It’s the perfect environment for development.

my coffee setup

Before moving to the US, I’ve passed all my coffee gear to a very dear friend.

isolating linux environments

One of the most annoying things I’ve had using the same machine for work and personal purposes is how the environments can get mixed up.

back to debian

When I’ve got that Thinkpad T460, the only distro that would make this skylake machine to be able to boot was the good old Arch Linux.

pressure cooker lamb roast

In my family there was a completely irrational but general fear about cooking lamb and goat meat.

a new beginning

Usually, striking items from your bucket list is pretty simple, but this time it was completely different.

the astonishing review

I’ve been enjoying Dream Theater‘s last release entitled The Astonishing since its release, this late January.

new challenge ahead

After more than 3 years helping the AeroGear project, I felt it was time for me to move on.