QCon Rio 2014 - JVM inception

Yesterday I’ve had the honor to present at QCon Rio. Thanks to all who tried to survive the post-lunch drowsiness of a crazy guy wearing a johnny-five tee and talking compiler stuff :P

My Pull-Request Workflow!

One of the common tasks of the opensource project maintainer role is dealing with pull requests.

Broccoli Wrap-Up!

On our last post we were talking about more ways to improve your build process with broccoli, how about ending this blog series with a rant?

Broccoli Tastes Good!

On our last post we were talking about the broccoli-static-compiler. One of the things I didn’t mention was that you need to narrow down your file selections better.

Broccoli is good for you!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Ember.

AgileVale 2013 - open source?

Last friday I’ve had the opportunity of speaking at AgileVale 2013, an agile development methodologies and software engineering regional conference.

QConSP 2013

Yesterday I spoke at QConSP about Hosting Dynamic Languages and Apps on the JVM.

the release

Sometimes it’s kinda awkward how you can get to places you would never imagine going.

let's build a game!

So, after being inspired by this article, I’ve decided to invite my 8yo old son to build a game.

AeroGear 1.0.0.M5 released

We’ve just released the next milestone of AeroGear, 1.0.0.M5. In this release we’ve landed several features, and a bunch of new stuff: