aerogear controller 1.0.0.Alpha is out!

…aaaaand aerogear-controller-1.0.0.Alpha is out! After talking and thinking about how to back mobile apps with java, it’s time to start moving towards making thoughts concrete and shipping it!

backing mobile web apps with java?

My latest task at AeroGear team was to do some research on how could we improve the Java server-side support for mobile web apps, but how different is a mobile web app from a normal web app?

new jitescript release is out!

Finally, after more than 6 months, jitescript gets a shiny new release!

better presentations on the web

After giving my talk at braziljs last year (and having lots of trouble to finish my presentation on time), I promised myself I would try to find easier ways to get my presentations done. 2011

I had the amazing opportunity of speaking at this year.

devinsampa 2011 - the geekiest conference ever!

I am sure that this is the feeling of the majority of the attendants - #devinsampa was awesome!

speeding up maven execution

I think that every maven related post deserves a small remark.

new site layout, again

…and again, here I come with a new site layout, and back to jekyll, hosting on s3:)

migrating jruby wiki - the history

When I chose jruby as my opensource contribution target, I really meant to contribute.

ambiente de desenvolvimento em 6 itens

Puxa vida, isso tá parecendo enquete de nerd (sighs), mas vamos lá: